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Jack is a writer of narrative songs, many of these come from his own perspective, but he's also very good in separating himself from events, real and imagined and finding a way of telling them through someone else's perspective, always the mark of a fine songwriter.

Jack Omer's music is like discovering a rich seam - it shines with authenticity. He is an artist who combines intensely moving lyric-writing with musical settings that have a memorable, inspired simplicity. That simplicity is the hardest thing to find in music - and Jack has it in abundance.
John Harle

Jack Omer

Jack Omer


Jack Omer was born in1984, in Stevenage, England, the first-established of the post-WW2 'New Towns' (and inspiration for such new songs as The Golden Shore). ”As a child” he recalls ”I played the violin (extremely badly and without diligence or passion!) I began playing guitar around the age of 11 and did very little else for the next ten years! Playing the piano started in my late teens, in a primitive Thom-Yorke-pedal-reliant way that has continued ever since.

”My musical taste and style comes, I think, from two main sources dating from a young age. I was surrounded by the music loved by my dad whenever we spent time together. It was as a child that I discovered, through him, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Shane MacGowan and many others. Meanwhile, my step-father introduced me to the traditional folk music of the Ireland native to his parents and family; singers like Luke Kelly, Christy Moore, Ronnie Drew, Paddy Reilly, Jim McCann, Phil Coulter. I lost touch with both these strains of influence as a teenager, when I was into the faddish kind of indie-rock popular at the time, but rediscovered them at about 18, since when they've been an indispensable part of my life.

”I was always a solo artist” he confirms ”partly through choice but mostly from necessity in that none of my peers were ever really into the same things as me.”

”My writing career began about five years ago when I wrote and recorded a demo album entitled The White Rose. I'm still proud of this first collection and occasionally play some of them live. I subsequently wrote a collection of songs called Gears, Wheels and Levers about two years ago and demo-recorded them.”

Ferryville, Of Priests & Professors and Poor Little Son of Mine are taken from the latter collection and recorded anew for the brand new album The Music of Joanna.”  

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