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cover image for Electric Dawn

Electric Dawn

The debut album from saxophonist and composer Alastair Penman, featuring new works for saxophone and electronics. The album features Alastair's own compositions and arrangements as well as new commissions from Jenni Watson, Geoff Sheil and Dan Harle. The album has been produced by legendary saxophonist and producer John Harle.

Penman formerly studied Information and Computer Engineering and he has used these skills to explore the fusion of acoustic and electronic music. The effect has extended the acoustic instrument sound and this is never dominated by the electronics. It has created a rich and vibrant sound world.

More at http://www.electricdawn.co.uk

Track Listing:

1. Supernova - Alastair Penman
2. Deconstruct - Jenni Watson
3. Ghost Train - Alastair Penman arr. John Harle
4. Higher - Daniel Harle
5. Glass - Graham Fitkin arr. Alastair Penman
6. Wayfarer - Alastair Penman arr. John Harle
7. Hail - Geoff Sheil
8. Lake of Dreams - Alastair Penman
9. Sandbox - Alastair Penman
10. Swan Island - Marius Neset arr. Alastair Penman
11. Broadside - Alastair Penman
12. Hypernova - Alastair Penman

Praise for the project:

"Alastair Penman created surpassingly beautiful music... The record is excellent...Each piece had a perfection of its own and the combination of sax and electronics never sounded cluttered but pure and diamond-sharp, tonally burnished and singing free on both instruments..."
Review of Electric Dawn Album and live performance at the RNCM Saxophone Day 2015

“…it really is a wonderfully eclectic mix of genres, moods, instrumentation and effects, all centred around the unmistakeable sound of the saxophone”
Jim Paterson, Music Files

Purchase from Amazon at http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B016LPGA56/