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cover image for Duality



Track Listing:

1. A Brother’s Gift TIM GARLAND 4.25
2. Blues for Little Joe TIM GARLAND 3.41
3. A Candle on the Moon TIM GARLAND 5.41
4. No Candombe TIM GARLAND 3.00
5. Lost Azure TIM GARLAND 5.16
6. Gate GRAHAM FITKIN 8.41
9. Closeness JASON REBELLO 3.20
10. Whisper Goodbye ANDY SCOTT 7.32
11. AltoGenesis ROB BUCKLAND 7.04

"I’ve been wanting to make this CD for a while now, something that really brings together where I am musically these days., but it seems to me that sometimes things have their own way of working out. You just have to go with the flow. My life as a saxophonist has always been a double-life, artificially compartmentalised into two worlds - a classical and jazz duality - and from the beginning, I have been striving to find a way to consolidate the best that both of these worlds has to offer. The music on this disc all came together in the last 6 months, as I looked at creating a disc that truly felt like my musical home, a classically rooted disc, embracing and celebrating all of the nuance and inflection of a jazz performance, with a resonance for today’s audience, today’s music. Right now, there really seems to be a coming together, a co-incidence, of performer/composers, musicians with experience and understanding of the disciplines and freedoms of both worlds, and a consequent blurring of edges, creating a music that is part of everything, music that really defies traditional and outdated labels. A music that feels like now. Each of the five composers on this CD are musicians whose work I have long admired, as both performers and composers, but even more importantly have all become friends and colleagues throughout my career to date. I have performed and recorded with each of them, and always felt a strong connection to their music. In countless conversations with each of them throughout last year, I had often discussed my ideas for a new CD and the repertoire slowly came into focus as each piece began falling into place and in July 2014, Peter and I spent two days in the studio recording the music on this disc. Framing existing music that I have wanted to record for a while alongside newly written works, some of which arrived literally days before the recordings, it really felt as if the project was taking on a life of it’s own as it reached completion, as all of the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. I truly hope that you enjoy listening to this CD as much as Peter and I enjoy playing the wonderful music that these composers have written, music that really does feel like home to me - a complimentary duality that feels like both the realisation of my musical journey so far, and the beginning of something new." (RB)